3-D Dental Imaging - Poquoson, VA

3D dental imaging takes traditional dental imaging to next level, or more precisely, the next dimension. Dentists now have the ability to take 3-D x-rays that allow them to view the structures of your mouth, face & head from nearly infinite perspectives & in amazingly fine detail. Whether you’re just starting treatment or evaluating the results of a procedure, 3-D imaging can be a very valuable tool in your dental health.

3-D dental imaging is sometimes referred to as cone beam CT scanning, which is the technology that makes the scan possible. The name “cone beam” comes from the precise cone shape of the invisible x-ray beam that the scanner emits. By sending out the beam at different angles, the machine forms an image of your head from many different perspectives, which are compiled to create a complete 3-D representation.

Unlike traditional x-rays, the 3-D imaging system can create either a 2-D or a 3-D image, & includes scans of your tissues in addition to bones & teeth. The dentist can zoom in on the scan, rotate it and view it at any angle, and even look through scans at different depths. We can visualize your teeth, roots, gums, bones, nerves, & airways & how all of these structures relate to each other.

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