Implant-Supported Bridge - Poquoson, VA

For patients who have lost more than one tooth, an implant-supported bridge offers a secure & permanent solution. An implant-supported bridge is a replacement for several teeth that is secured permanently to dental implants. The number of implants used to secure the bridge varies depending on the patient’s situation, but a common configuration is two implants supporting three teeth: two “cap” teeth on either end bridged by another tooth in the middle.

Getting an implant-supported bridge takes several appointments. The first step is the placement of dental implants. After initial placement, it usually takes several months for the bone & gums around the implants to heal. Once implant sites are headed, the dentist will take impressions of your mouth in order to make a mold. Using the resulting model of your teeth, the lab technician will create your custom crown, color matched to your existing teeth. While the lab technician works on the final bridge, you may be fitted with a temporary bridge. Once the final bridge arrives the dentist will either screw or cement it in place on the implants.

Replacing missing or rotten teeth is essential to keeping your mouth healthy in the long run. A missing tooth can cause more trouble than just an unsightly gap in your smile. Tooth loss can cause your remaining teeth to shift around the gap, changing the alignment of your smile & even causing changes in your facial aesthetics.


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