Early Cavity Detection - Poquoson, VA

We’re committed to using the latest technology to ensure you get the best care. That’s why we use an early detection tool that uses a laser to locate hidden decay in the cracks & crevices of your teeth before it is otherwise detectable.

Many dental problems don’t cause any pain in the earliest stages. This is especially true of cavities (called caries by dentists) & tooth decay. That’s one of the reasons it is particularly important to come to the dentist for your regular checkups & cleanings. Dentists & dental hygienists are trained to spot the earliest signs of tooth decay, often in places that the patient can’t easily see.

In addition to our eyes, the other essential tool to spotting cavities is one of the oldest dental technologies: x-rays. An x-ray of your tooth can help spot cavities in the tight spaces between your teeth. However, a cavity has to be pretty bad already for us to spot it with x-rays or a visual examination. And of course, the earlier a cavity is spotted, the sooner we can take care of it to prevent future decay & protect your tooth.

Treatments for removing tooth decay at the very early stages of a cavity are much less invasive (& less costly) than repairing cavities that are caught later on. Early cavity detection can mean less damage, less pain & less hassle down the road. While preventing decay is always the primary goal, we understand that not everyone has perfect oral health all the time, so early detection & treatment are essential tools for preserving your beautiful smile!


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